Types Of Patch Backings

The number of people using custom iron on patches for their groups, companies, organizations, and businesses is continually increasing. They come in all designs which allow much creativity to be applied. Patches can be the perfect thing you need if you are looking for something that can symbolize or represent your group. Aside from the range of sizes, shapes, colors and designs you can choose from, you can also expect them to be durable.

There are various ways on how you can attach your patches into the garment you want. Among the most popular choices is the sew-on patch since they can be permanent. The durability of modern patches also allow you to remove and set them back on with ease anytime if you like to. To those who are looking for an option that is cheaper and just temporary, the stick on patches are one of the considerable choices. You simply have to peel the backing and attach it to your clothing. With this type of backing, it is easy to remove the patch from your garment and it will seem like nothing was attached to it.

Here Gives The Different Type Of Patches:

If ever you need to change patches from time to time on the same clothing, the Velcro backing, button loop and pin backing are your ideal choices. If you choose the Velcro backing, you simply need to sew the loop fastener side to the area of your clothing on which you want your patches to be in. The hook fastener side of the Velcro will be on your patches. When opting for the Velcro backing, you should remember that there are other colors available aside from black such as shades of gray, brown and green.

Patches with button loop backing require a button on the area of your garment where you want your patch to be hooked in. These type of patches simply have a loop of thread on their backs. On the other hand, patches with pin backing are preferable for frequent location changes. These patches have a pin on them and once attached on the garment, you simply have to secure them with a butterfly clutch.

Iron On Patches

Aside from the sew on patches, iron on patches are widely known as well. This type of patches is one of the most preferred by people who want to attach their patches permanently. Click this website patches4less.com for more information about patches. They have a heat seal backing which enables you to stick them to your garments securely. This type of backing adds stiffness allowing the patches to stay flat compared to other types of backing. They can be attached to the garment easily using home iron.

There are iron on patches that only last for 20 to 30 washes. This is the usual rating that companies give their patches with heat seal backing. This depends on the adhesive used on the backing though. There are companies that opt for more robust adhesives that can last for 50 to 80 washes. To be sure, it would be better if you ask the manufacturer you are planning to opt for regarding the adhesive they use on their heat seal backings. Other stores offer these kinds of adhesive by request and they are usually being charged as add on or extra since they are more costly.

Heat seal backings have thicker and stronger adhesives compared to the patches with peel and stick backings. However, these iron on patches do not work well with synthetic fabrics such as nylon. You can distinguish patches with a heat seal backing through their thick and shiny adhesive coating at the back which will melt and stick to the garment when heated.

Before you purchase custom patches, it is best to be knowledgeable about which backing you must opt for according to your need and purpose. Keeping this guideline in mind will help you save time, effort and even from wrong orders. It is also important to get to know the manufacturer you opt to purchase from to make sure that they can provide the patches just as you need them.