All About Challenge Coins

Custom challenge coins are intricate and carry the emblem of the companies that they represent. They are special coins that are only given to members of certain organizations. The tradition of giving these coins to members started in the early 20th century, during the time of the First World War. Military and other groups of uniformed men started the practice and were followed by many other groups with different advocacies but the same purpose. And this is to signify exclusivity and membership, things that most of us covet.

What are the benefits of owning custom challenge coins?

Mainly, they serve as your ticket to entering the elite circle of the group that these coins belong to. They are like a password at the door, and one must keep them close at all times in order to gain entry and to join the group.

Although they may not have very much monetary value, custom challenge coins are made to last. There durability enables their owner to pass them on to the next generations. They are an affirmation of a person’s well-lived life while being a part of an exclusive circle. They are keepsakes that their descendants can keep and show as proof of their ancestor’s greatness. The sentimental value of these coins plus their small size makes them one of the best things to keep as remembrance of a loved one.

Military Coins

Prominent people treat custom challenge coins like trophies and plaques. Government officials and successful businessmen are usually the ones given these coins as a sign of honorary membership. Their being active on civic affairs helps them gain the respect and interest of many organizations. Thus, they are given an exclusive pass to their circles through the custom coins. Many powerful people display their collection of custom coins for people to see. They are signs of prominence and popularity, qualities that make a person attractive and admirable.

The tradition of these custom coins has a beautiful origin. Organizations should continue the practice of giving their members these keepsakes that they can carry with them everywhere. After all, the story of the first challenge coin is about a soldier who was saved from the execution of his own comrades in the war because his custom coin affirmed his belongingness to the army.

Exclusivity is one thing that makes being part of a certain group attractive. It also symbolizes prominence, because not everyone is welcome in an exclusive group. Membership to such is earned, and a custom coin is the symbol. Many people who understand the nature of belongingness covet the ownership of a custom coin. And this is the reason why they should be made durably and intricately. They should stand for the organizations that issue them. Such is the beauty of custom coins that carry the group’s emblem.

Due to the high value of custom challenge coins, many businesses seek to bag deals of providing them for the organizations. Mass-producing them for a group that operates nationwide or worldwide promises a handsome profit and a good reputation in the market. However, these business companies should be the master of the craft of coin-making, as these coins should be of high standards. Organizations only want the best version of their custom coins.

Always keeping the custom coin of the organization at hand is a must for members. They are randomly asked for it as a challenge of truly belonging to the group. This practice is a custom that started from the origin of the first custom coins, and it keeps their owners at their feet. This makes owning a custom coin both a privilege and a responsibility.

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