Money-saving Tips in Shopping for a Storage Container

There has been an increasing interest over the utility of storage containers. These can be transformed into rooms and homes. You can also profit from a Storage container. You can do this by offering it for rent or reselling it on a higher price provided that improvements are applied. It may also be reused to start a shipping business. There are currently more than enough used storage containers for all interested buyers. If you shop now, you can find inexpensive storage containers at sea ports or trucking compounds.

Aside from shopping early, there are other ways for you to catch a less expensive but in good condition shipping container. These ways are as follows:

1.Know the terms used in selling storage containers

If a seller uses unfamiliar terms in his sales talk, you may end up uninterested with the shipping container he is offering. Or maybe, you will fall easily on the offer. On the other hand, if you know the terms used, you can’t be easily fooled by a deceiving seller. You can also get better deals.

One of the terms you might encounter is factory paint. If the shipping container is labeled as such, that means the current paint in the shipping container is the original one. There are no additional coatings applied. When the paint is still in good state, the Storage container may be used for a handful of times or it is well-handled by the shipping company.


The opposite of factory paint is refurbished paint. It means that the shipping container has been repainted for several times.

Another term you will encounter is wind and water tight. A shipping container that has this label is considered strong and secured enough to protect the items inside it from the elements. However, this label also implies the lack of inspection.

If you look for an inspected Storage container, you should also expect the selling price to be higher. An uninspected shipping container may be less expensive but there are times when inspection is needed. The bad thing is, the services of a shipping container inspector are not free of charge. You also need to find one that is near the area where you are shopping for a shipping container. If there is none, you may be tasked to shoulder the travelling expenses of the inspector. So between a wind and water tight shipping container and inspected shipping container, the latter may be cost-effective in more ways.

2.Know all your options

What better way to do this than searching online? Even popular buying sites such as EBay offer cargo storage containers in various conditions. Aside from shipping companies and buying sites, you can also find sellers in the forms of businessmen in different industries. Those who export and/or import may offer their used storage containers. Non-exporters/importers may also sell their storage containers that previously served as mini-warehouses of their goods.

3.Make an assessment on the physical attributes and conditions of the Storage container

The length, size, weight, and capacity of a shipping container can affect its selling price. That is why you need to determine the space you will need before shopping. This will not only save you money but will save you time as well.

Storage Container

When it comes to conditions, you can expect that the better ones will be sold at higher prices. The best options for tight-budgeted buyers are those shipping containers that have pinholes together with peeling paint. These minimal damages can reduce the selling price considerably. You will only need to do some repairs afterwards. The good thing is that the repairs can be easily dealt with. You will simply need sealants, paint, and brushes.

4.Plan a simple design

In transforming your Storage container, repairs and the additions of basic elements are enough. If you want to be creative, explore painting options and space-saving schemes. Don’t make a lot of additions as these will entail additional costs.


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Two Popular Methods In PCB Assembly

A PCB (Printed circuit board) controls the electrical signals that originate from outside sources to the components mounted on the board. The electrical components present in the board maintain and contribute to the functions of the electronic devices. The board and its composition are also vital in making the PCB work according to its functions. Without the PCB, the electronic devices are useless.

PCBA PCB can either be one layered or multi-layered, depending on the type and functions of the electronic device. A simple device such as cell phone charger has single and small-sized PCB. On the other hand, a complex device such as a computer-controlled printer can contain up to 12 layers of PCBs or maybe more.

An electronic device PCB passes through two main stages, the PCB fabrication, and PCB assembly. The fabrication stage is the production of the board and the printing of the circuitry while the assembly stage is the mounting of the components. After finishing these stages, we test the PCBs before we send them to the packaging and delivery department.

In the assembly stage, we use surface mount technology (SMT) or through-hole technology (THT).
Surface-mount Technology

As technology advances, more and more electronics companies develop complex devices that require smaller and sophisticated PCBs. These PCBs can perform more than one, as well as simultaneous, functions. To cope up with the rising demand for these kinds of PCBs, circuit board manufacturers make some improvement with the existing production of PCB.

Thus, the surface mount assembly started where manufacturers can use both sides of the board to place electronic components. Nowadays, multi-layering of PCBs is possible without making the electronic devices look bulky. This versatility of the SMT becomes so popular in the telecommunications and IT industry where fast computing requires more PCBs in one computer device. This technology allows higher component compactness, where we can place multiple integrated circuits and more capacitors and resistors without sacrificing electrical functionality.

Why do we use SMT?

Besides, SMT allows us to cater to clients who are budget conscious. One, this technology makes use of both sides of the board. Thus, it contributes to the lowering of the total cost of the assembly. Second, we do not need to pre-drill the board for mounting the electrical components. As results, PCBs are thinner. This requirement reduces the cost of manufacturing the board.

Third, since PCB assembly is a surface mounting method, we use electrical components with shorter pins. This eliminates the need to cut excess pins. Sometimes, cutting the excess pins may contribute to the loosening of the soldered pins on the board, which is a minor problem in through-the-hole technology. Fourth, in SMT, we can still use manual assembly or the conventional assembly to mount smaller components on the board.

PCB Assembly

However, despite the versatility and cost-effectiveness of the SMT, a few minor drawbacks are present. One disadvantage is the quality of the soldered components. Although we use the highest quality of soldering materials, we know that the binding of the components to the surface of the board is less dependable than the THT. Thus, we never recommend the use of SMT on devices that are for heavy-duty use like drilling equipment.

Second, we never use SMT on prototypes. A prototype is a sample device for mass-produced devices, especially for electronic devices that are offered to the market for the first time. SMT settings are harder to change. Changing a single setting on an SMT machine may take weeks to perfect, which is not time efficient. Thus, we use the THT to create a prototype.

Through-the-Hole Technology

In THT, we drill holes on the printed board. We still use this method on PCB assembly that requires stronger binding between the electrical components and the board. Examples of assembly requiring THT are the production of prototypes, military equipment, and other electronic devices that are exposed to extreme weather conditions. One disadvantage is the cost of making the board. THT assembly requires thicker board due to the drilling of holes.

Although SMT is more popular than THT in PCB assembly, the traditional through-hole technology remains to thrive. Manufacturers still use this technology and we are one of them because THT is still required on heavy-duty electronic devices. Surface mount technology, on the other hand, is highly recommended on complex devices that require multi-layered PCBs.

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ID Lanyards As An Effective Marketing Tool

Let’s face it, lanyards are everywhere! At schools, offices, hospitals, military units, business establishments, fundraising events, trade shows—everywhere! So if you’re looking to market your brand and take an important message to the public, custom ID lanyards are indeed the smartest way to do so.

Following are some of the many benefits of lanyards:

Lanyards• Lanyards are a form of advertisement that lasts longer than other marketing forms. Unlike advertisements on TV or newspaper, lanyards are functional items so people can use them for a long time. Through this, your brand continuously circulates without requiring any action from you.

• By creating a unique, attention-grabbing design for your lanyards, you can attract more potential customers into trying out your products and services. The more noticeable your lanyards are, the more they can draw the interest of people.

• By simply giving people personalized lanyards, you become more engaged with them. They get nothing from the ads on TV or magazines. But since lanyards are useful, they’ll be able to benefit from it in the long term.

• Custom lanyards can also be great gifts to potential clients. You can simply give away lanyards at trade shows and company events and marketing becomes easier. You can also handsome out to your current clients as a freebie. Somehow, this will make them feel appreciated and they are likely to become loyal customers.

• Since ID lanyards are affordable, you don’t need to spend a fortune just to get your hands on them. It also makes giving away easier as you know you’re not contributing too much to the company’s expenses. This only shows that marketing does not always have to be too costly.

ID Lanyards• Custom lanyards are easy to find and easy to buy. There are a vast number of lanyard manufacturers on the web so you’ll definitely find many at one click. Once you find the company that provides for your lanyard needs, you will need to follow the process of ordering which is fairly simple. Most websites that sell lanyards have a free online quote form. You simply need to fill out that form and once done, the company will contact you shortly regarding your request. You can then send them the lanyard design you have in mind, choose the lanyard style and color, add attachments and make the payment. Once production is complete, you will receive your custom ID lanyards in a matter of days or weeks. That’s fast and easy!

• Lanyards also complement other products. They go well with a number of promotional items such as     bottles, coasters, towels, ceramic mugs, totes, caps, sweaters and even notebooks and planners. You can combine your custom lanyards to any general merchandise and you’re set to have a great marketing experience.

How to Order Custom Lanyards

Once you discover the many benefits of lanyards, you might be interested in buying a whole lot right away. But if you’re not yet familiar with how the process works, you will need to get some assistance. You can browse the different styles and customization options to find the one that suits your brand’s style and character. You can come up with your own design or ask the lanyard company to create a design for you. Many suppliers like us offer free design and artwork services. We also offer free revisions in case you’re not satisfied with the design.

Badge HolderThe design for your ID lanyards can include the name and logo of your company and you can choose any color you want. It is important to choose the right colors because colors are a crucial component of lanyards. The colors must represent your brand and at the same time, it must be striking enough to look pleasing to the eye and attract more attention.

When choosing the style for your lanyards, there are many options for you to choose from. The common styles now are polyester, woven, nylon, tubular, dye sub and cord lanyards. Each of these lanyard styles has its own unique characteristic and your choice must depend on your preference and of course, your budget. You can contact your supplier if you need professional advice in choosing a lanyard.

Once you’ve chosen the style and color(s), you can add attachments then make the payment. Once the production for your custom lanyards is complete, the manufacturer will ship the products within the provided time frame.

Why Get Lanyards From Us?

When we say custom lanyards, we’re not kidding. We have an incredible collection of ID lanyards that are highly customizable and amazingly priced. We offer a full range of lanyard styles, colors, attachments and materials, and we’re proud to have the most excellent customer service in the industry. No matter what type of lanyard you need, we have you covered.

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Types Of Patch Backings

The number of people using custom iron on patches for their groups, companies, organizations, and businesses is continually increasing. They come in all designs which allow much creativity to be applied. Patches can be the perfect thing you need if you are looking for something that can symbolize or represent your group. Aside from the range of sizes, shapes, colors and designs you can choose from, you can also expect them to be durable.

There are various ways on how you can attach your patches into the garment you want. Among the most popular choices is the sew-on patch since they can be permanent. The durability of modern patches also allow you to remove and set them back on with ease anytime if you like to. To those who are looking for an option that is cheaper and just temporary, the stick on patches are one of the considerable choices. You simply have to peel the backing and attach it to your clothing. With this type of backing, it is easy to remove the patch from your garment and it will seem like nothing was attached to it.

Here Gives The Different Type Of Patches:

If ever you need to change patches from time to time on the same clothing, the Velcro backing, button loop and pin backing are your ideal choices. If you choose the Velcro backing, you simply need to sew the loop fastener side to the area of your clothing on which you want your patches to be in. The hook fastener side of the Velcro will be on your patches. When opting for the Velcro backing, you should remember that there are other colors available aside from black such as shades of gray, brown and green.

Patches with button loop backing require a button on the area of your garment where you want your patch to be hooked in. These type of patches simply have a loop of thread on their backs. On the other hand, patches with pin backing are preferable for frequent location changes. These patches have a pin on them and once attached on the garment, you simply have to secure them with a butterfly clutch.

Iron On Patches

Aside from the sew on patches, iron on patches are widely known as well. This type of patches is one of the most preferred by people who want to attach their patches permanently. Click this website for more information about patches. They have a heat seal backing which enables you to stick them to your garments securely. This type of backing adds stiffness allowing the patches to stay flat compared to other types of backing. They can be attached to the garment easily using home iron.

There are iron on patches that only last for 20 to 30 washes. This is the usual rating that companies give their patches with heat seal backing. This depends on the adhesive used on the backing though. There are companies that opt for more robust adhesives that can last for 50 to 80 washes. To be sure, it would be better if you ask the manufacturer you are planning to opt for regarding the adhesive they use on their heat seal backings. Other stores offer these kinds of adhesive by request and they are usually being charged as add on or extra since they are more costly.

Heat seal backings have thicker and stronger adhesives compared to the patches with peel and stick backings. However, these iron on patches do not work well with synthetic fabrics such as nylon. You can distinguish patches with a heat seal backing through their thick and shiny adhesive coating at the back which will melt and stick to the garment when heated.

Before you purchase custom patches, it is best to be knowledgeable about which backing you must opt for according to your need and purpose. Keeping this guideline in mind will help you save time, effort and even from wrong orders. It is also important to get to know the manufacturer you opt to purchase from to make sure that they can provide the patches just as you need them.

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A Brief Rundown of Golf Equipment

People who want to start playing golf better introduce themselves to the golf equipment that they are going to use when they start playing the sport. Golf is a very old sport that had very humble origins. Back then the sport did not require a lot of equipment to play. Golf nowadays is a lot more complicated than it used to be.

There are so many pieces of golfing equipment that people might get intimidated by it. Indeed, the different number of equipment that golfers use nowadays to help improve their game is tremendous. However, beginners do not have to get themselves bogged down in the details. Understanding the higher mechanics of golfing equipment is reserved for more advanced players. For now, simple familiarity with the different pieces of golf equipment should suffice.

Below is a brief rundown of golfing equipment that beginners need to be familiar with.

The golf ball

This should be the piece of equipment that most people already recognize. Even the people who do not play the sport are usually familiar with what golf balls look like.

Most people may not know this, but the golf balls of today are a far cry from what they used to be. The first golf balls were made of hardwood then leather skin golf balls filled with feathers and other varieties of balls. It was not until the early nineties that dimpled golf balls came into play.

The recessed dimples that people see on a golf ball number around 300-450. These dimples were designed to improve the aerodynamics of the ball which basically means that it is meant to make the ball move better through the air. The dimples also help produce spin. A spinning ball produces more lift, helping the ball fly through the air.

Golf equipment

Aside from the construction’s design, the materials used in the balls construction plays a huge part in performance. The materials, like the design, have an impact on the balls flight pattern, feel, distance, and spin. Beginners should really understand how golf balls work as they are one of the most important, if not the most important, piece of golf equipment. To known more about golf equipment visit


Golf players use several kinds of clubs and can carry up to a maximum of fourteen clubs, per regulations, for each game. There are four kinds of clubs that beginners should learn about.

The first kind of club is the wood : Woods are typically employed for long shots from the fairway or tee. Irons are for shots that demand a higher degree of accuracy. These are often used for fairways as well as from the rough. Irons known as wedges are used for shorter shots.

Hybrids are a new kind of golf club :  The hybrid, as the name implies, is a cross between the wedge and the iron. It combines some of the characteristics of a wood and an iron. It is typically employed by golf players for shots made from a difficult rough. Hybrids are also popular with players who have some difficulty in using long irons to get the ball airborne.

Last, but not least, is the putter :  The putter is the club used by golfers when they want the golf ball to roll on the ground. It produces little to no lift and is the club often seen used when the ball is only a few feet away from the hole.


Tee is that small object that people see when golfers are about to make their first shot. They are pushed into the ground so the ball can be made to rest on top. This has the benefit of making the shot easier. It is a strict rule that the tee can only be used for the first shot.

Ball markers

This is the most mundane or simple piece of golfing equipment. This is used to mark a ball’s location when it needs to be picked up for cleaning or when it’s in the way of another ball. This piece of golf equipment is usually flat and round.

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All About Challenge Coins

Custom challenge coins are intricate and carry the emblem of the companies that they represent. They are special coins that are only given to members of certain organizations. The tradition of giving these coins to members started in the early 20th century, during the time of the First World War. Military and other groups of uniformed men started the practice and were followed by many other groups with different advocacies but the same purpose. And this is to signify exclusivity and membership, things that most of us covet.

What are the benefits of owning custom challenge coins?

Mainly, they serve as your ticket to entering the elite circle of the group that these coins belong to. They are like a password at the door, and one must keep them close at all times in order to gain entry and to join the group.

Although they may not have very much monetary value, custom challenge coins are made to last. There durability enables their owner to pass them on to the next generations. They are an affirmation of a person’s well-lived life while being a part of an exclusive circle. They are keepsakes that their descendants can keep and show as proof of their ancestor’s greatness. The sentimental value of these coins plus their small size makes them one of the best things to keep as remembrance of a loved one.

Military Coins

Prominent people treat custom challenge coins like trophies and plaques. Government officials and successful businessmen are usually the ones given these coins as a sign of honorary membership. Their being active on civic affairs helps them gain the respect and interest of many organizations. Thus, they are given an exclusive pass to their circles through the custom coins. Many powerful people display their collection of custom coins for people to see. They are signs of prominence and popularity, qualities that make a person attractive and admirable.

The tradition of these custom coins has a beautiful origin. Organizations should continue the practice of giving their members these keepsakes that they can carry with them everywhere. After all, the story of the first challenge coin is about a soldier who was saved from the execution of his own comrades in the war because his custom coin affirmed his belongingness to the army.

Exclusivity is one thing that makes being part of a certain group attractive. It also symbolizes prominence, because not everyone is welcome in an exclusive group. Membership to such is earned, and a custom coin is the symbol. Many people who understand the nature of belongingness covet the ownership of a custom coin. And this is the reason why they should be made durably and intricately. They should stand for the organizations that issue them. Such is the beauty of custom coins that carry the group’s emblem.

Due to the high value of custom challenge coins, many businesses seek to bag deals of providing them for the organizations. Mass-producing them for a group that operates nationwide or worldwide promises a handsome profit and a good reputation in the market. However, these business companies should be the master of the craft of coin-making, as these coins should be of high standards. Organizations only want the best version of their custom coins.

Always keeping the custom coin of the organization at hand is a must for members. They are randomly asked for it as a challenge of truly belonging to the group. This practice is a custom that started from the origin of the first custom coins, and it keeps their owners at their feet. This makes owning a custom coin both a privilege and a responsibility.

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A Necklace Equipped With Usability

A necklace is defined as an accessory, a type of jewelry that is worn around the neck. It is said to be originated from the Stone Age, where people have started to bind rocks together with a piece of string-like material and put it around their necks as a type of early fashion statement or believed means of protection. In the modern times though, it could be made up of small links of chains and even some kind of fabric.

Some types of necklaces have a pendant hanging on the center, while some necklaces are composed of pendants which could be stones, gems, and any of the like.

The common purposes of wearing a necklace are to give added beauty to the wearer and to give emphasis or attract attention.

Of those purposes mentioned, it would seem that a necklace is just pretty thing for wear, but actually, there are other things that could be considered necklaces that are pretty handy. If necklaces are defined as something a person wears around the neck, then lanyards would also be considered as necklaces.

NecklaceLanyards are woven fabrics worn around the neck in which each either has a hook or a loop of thread at the end used to suspend small things in such as identification cards, keys, whistles, penlights and other useful things. These are basically used in order to prevent loss and also for easy access to the things clipped on the lanyard, these are also very useful to everybody, and these are commonly seen worn by children at schools for their identification cards, even by employees, which is why these are part of the many trends today, not only for its useful purpose but also as an accessory itself.

Lanyards are made up of fabrics, threads woven up together in order to get a flat or circular shape. Since there are varieties of threads and sewing tools available, it is very easy to make and design a lanyard. It could be designed in many ways such as through colors, shapes and even logos. The common logos to be imprinted to it are company or school names or logos, and even those of support groups and even people. This designing is done in order for other people to take notice or to be informed of the logo as a means of either identification or to gather attention for help for the support groups and such.

The usefulness of lanyards has been proven by the people’s continued use of it, and also by its attraction to people. This is why not only are they worn around the neck nowadays, but also around the shoulders or even the wrists like a form of bracelet. The difference of it from jewelries is that these are able to carry small, significant things.

In a nutshell, accessorizing has always been a part of a person’s life, be it ancient or modern, especially a woman, and a necklace has been one of the most popular jewelry to wear because of its attractiveness. But then, improvements have been made because of the people’s constant change of needs, and they definitely needed an accessory more useful than that of a simple necklace, and thus, a lanyard has been made.

A type of accessory that not can only hold small, usable things up with a hook or a piece of thread, but can also serve as a way of identification, a way to get people’s attention, and also serve as a decent, fashionable trend. Lanyards not only provide people with the service of keeping their important things just by their chest, but also provide decency and identification.

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How to Choose a Motivational Speaker for an Event

A motivational speaker has a great impact on people. They help them to become better persons, inspire them to follow their dreams and motivate them to overcome their problems. They offer advice and share real life experiences that help people understand that there’s more to life than simply being on top.

That’s why it is important to choose good a motivational speaker for important events like a graduation, a conference, a youth convention and other occasions where the people attending should be given the opportunity to become inspired and help them get on their feet.

speakerThere are many motivational speakers out there. But the question is, are they good enough for the event? Are they suited for the purpose of the event? And will they be able to inspire their audience? Having asked these questions, here are some tips and suggestions on how to choose good and effective motivational speaker

Ask for suggestions from the people attending the event. Let them suggest who they want to speak in front of them. This way, you’ll have an idea which speaker is wanted by the audience. A speaker who is in demand is likely to have a stronger impact on the audience rather than someone who is not. Rank these suggestions and see which speaker comes on top.

Consider the theme or purpose of the event. Is it related to business, to academics or simply related to life? Once the theme and purpose of the event is set, it is easier to choose a speaker who is best known for speeches most related to the theme. This is very important since a speaker who is experienced in that particular theme will be able to give a strong speech and motivate people better.

Conduct a background research on the speaker. Learn about their past experiences and other information that you think will be crucial in selecting a speaker. This will give you an opportunity to check if people will be able to relate and connect with the speaker since they have experienced similar things and problems. Bear in mind that when a speaker is someone that the audience can relate to, it is easier to motivate the people to overcome problems. The audience is able to think that if the speaker can do it then they can too.

Listen to recordings of their speeches or watch videos. See how the audience reacts to them. Observe how the speaker delivers his or her speeches and how it affects the audience. This will help you determine if the speaker will be able to deliver a speech that is interesting and helpful to the audience Remember that there are different types of speakers. Some can be serious while others are not. Some speakers use humor while others draw on the emotional aspect of their audience. This will help you prevent scenarios where an audience is offended or becomes uncomfortable with the speaker or cases when the audience becomes uninterested.

Once all of these have been done, create a list that ranks the speakers. Then, contact the first one of the list. Ask if they will be able to have time for the event. Ask about the cost and other arrangements. If there is an agreement between you and the speaker, that’s great. If there’s none, move to the next one on the list.

Choosing motivational speaker may seem hard, but in reality it’s not. All it takes is people skills and the ability to determine which one will motivate the audience better. From there, it’s just a case of arrangements with the chosen speaker.

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Getting to Know SARMs a Bit More

The acronym SARMs stands for Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators.  A hormone called androgen serves as a ligand (any ion or molecule that binds to a central atom) that attach to the androgen receptors.

It is possible for a certain drug to offer favorable results to a specific tissue if that drug would be able to stimulate or block a particular tissue’s receptor.  It can do that while minimizing the unfavorable effects that synthetic or natural steroidal hormones might bring to the other tissues.  This is good news for steroid users, especially if pharmaceutical companies will be able to develop such drug for human consumption.

SARMsSelective AR (androgen receptor) modulators can also give the same benefits that anabolic androgenic steroids (like testosterone) usually offer including fat reduction and increased muscle mass.  SARMs offer the said benefits together with a lesser possibility of producing the unfavorable side effects that typically come with steroids.

There are pharmaceutical companies that are currently studying and investigating the said compound.  These companies hope that they will be able to develop something that can bring safe and beneficial effects to humans.

The Reason for Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators’ Existence
Typically, doctors prescribe steroids for patients who need to undergo hormone replacement therapy.  Steroid is also prescribed to patients suffering from cancer, osteoporosis, or other diseases that can lead to muscle wasting.

Although testosterone replacement therapy or anabolic steroids can bring great help, it is a known fact that they also give undesirable side effects.

This dilemma has stirred the desire and inspired the scientists to find something that will be able to give the same benefits as the steroids without causing unfavorable side effects.  What comes next is nonstop research which eventually created an opportunity for SARMs to be discovered.

The said receptor modulators can make muscle growth possible in the target area and eliminate or reduce unfavorable side effects.
The discovery of selective AR modulators gave a new hope that it will be able to serve as a safer alternative to steroids.  But before that, the pharmaceutical companies must be able to make the said receptor safe for human consumption.

A number of pharmaceutical companies are still exploring, evaluating, and testing possible AR modulators because there are several possible receptor modulators out there.  Most bodybuilders, athletes, or fitness enthusiasts are interested in MK-2866 (ostarine) and andarine (popularly known as S-4).

Bodybuilders and athletes are also interested in other AR modulators, but the most popular are the mentioned two.

The Benefits

Anabolic steroids or hormone replacement could have been the perfect solution if not for the unwanted side effects.  The unfavorable side effects include cholesterol imbalance, acne, hypertension, body hair growth, liver toxicity, and heart enlargement (left ventricular hypertrophy).  Some men may also experience baldness, possible simulation of prostate cancer, gynecomastia (man breast), and testosterone production shutdown.

The selective androgen receptor modulators can provide the benefits that the users get from steroids while minimizing the occurrence of the unfavorable side effects of anabolic steroids or hormone replacement.  The said selective AR modulators can be taken orally.  Steroid users appreciate the idea that they no longer need to go through the inconvenience of taking the shots if a drug that contains selective AR modulators is already available.

Other advantages of selective androgen receptor modulators over steroids or testosterone replacement therapy are: similar benefits of testosterone, no conversion to estrogen and dihydrotestosterone, and absence of harsh liver toxicity which usually comes from methylated compounds.

SARMs can give a lot of benefits and probably even more.  For now, it is still considered one of the research chemicals that need to be explored further.  Hopefully, pharmaceutical companies will be able to make it safe for human consumption.

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